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Secret Justice
Solutions for resolving parenting disputes


Early Neutral Evaluations 
lawyers Early Neutral Evaluation is an innovative service providing assistance to parents in a divorce or paternity matter.  A  negotiated based process, ENE gives the power of decision-making  back to the people involved.  The process is completely confidential and empowers the parties to maintain control of a very private and personal matter. Facilitated by a male/female team of qualified neutrals, Early Neutral Evaluation blends the skills and benefits of mediation, custody study, and settlement conferences.

  The primary focus of ENE is to provide the parties with an early and frank evaluation, a reality check of both the merits of the case and of expeditious ways to achieve resolution. The evaluation identifies and focuses specifically on the key issues raised by both parties.  During  an ENE session, parties come to grips with the facts and the merits of their case much earlier than normal.  The process directly promotes the speedy and efficient resolution of cases. It is precisely because of the early intervention that the evaluators (and the parties) can devise efficient rational settlement options.  Experience has shown that once the evaluation is delivered, both parties are more willing to discuss settlement options.

  We take the approach where by taking charge of one's lifestyle decisions and controlling the direction of one's future, does play a major role in reducing the time, resources and acrimony associated with divorce and paternity disputes. Using Southeastern Minnesota Family Support Center’s ENE format we can help you concentrate on planning for the future as an alternative to remaining trapped in the past. 

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 Financial Evaluation

Financial early neutral evaluation is a process whereby the Court will either appoint or the parties will agree to use a neutral third party who analyzes the financial issues and makes recommendations relative to the marital estate of the parties. money
This is a non-binding process. If the parties reach an agreement, it can be incorporated into a permanent Order or a Divorce Decree. If the parties do not reach an agreement, the financial early neutral evaluation process remains confidential and the neither the evaluator nor the parties can testify as to what was said during these discussions.    

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Pro Tem Judge


In Minnesota, retired Judges or an experienced attorney can be hired to render a full legal decision. The parties can set their own rules for the divorce process; and with a private Judge, the rules can be applied and the process can begin and be completed in a much quicker time frame than the traditional court process. If you select a private Judge knowledgeable in all Minnesota Family Law issues, you have the best chance of finding creative and acceptable solutions to all your issues while receiving the perspective of someone who can let you know the likely result of taking a particular issue to trial. Our Pro Tem judges will be available to handle mainly contested family issues. Various other proceedings will on a limited basis   

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Parenting Consultant

Spy Glass All too often, many disputes regarding custody and parenting time will not end with the final divorce degree or paternity order. When parents continue to have contested issues regarding legal custody decisions there are options available to parents outside of the court room.
A court, based on a motion of a party or on its own, may order the appointment of a parenting specialist such as a parenting consultant.

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13-Point Custody Study

Investigation A custody evaluation takes about four to five months to complete. The evaluator will be impartial and will look at the parenting abilities and parent-child relationships of both parents. The evaluator may assess a family situation by interviewing each parent and the child(ren) in the family.
Based on the 13-points of custody, the evaluator writes a report for the judge, with recommendations about custody and visitation and a possible parenting plan. 

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Neutral Fact Finder

A neutral fact finder conducts an independent investigation into the cause of the disagreement. The fact finder will interview both sides, gather additional information, and then present findings and possible solutions to the parties. The findings and recommendations are not binding but are incorporated into the negotiations between the parties and their counsel.
Neutral Fact Finders do not stand to gain by choosing one side over the other. They help determine how solid the evidence is, how well the evidence supports the claims, which facts are mutually agreeable and which facts are uncertain. 

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