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We Resolve Custody and Parenting Time Disputes !

"Couples part but family is forever"

Southeastern Minnesota Family Support Center is a Non-Profit Organization which helps people resolve custody and parenting time disputes.  We offer an array of innovative ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) processes. From Early Neutral Evaluations to Pro Tem Judge to Neutral Fact Finding, Southeastern Minnesota Family Support Center, Inc. is focused to finding expeditious ways to achieve resolution.

Our courts with their best efforts and professionalism are struggling to meet the administrative demands of family law cases. CourtHouse Locked

In the near future, financial constraints are requiring the courts to cut even more services. The traditional approach to legal counsel can often perpetuate conflict. An adversarial approach adds contempt, cost, animosity and heartache rather than a civil decision making process aimed at a negotiated resolution.

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Couples have an option to divert from the adversarial court system, which will save you months of emotionally exasperating litigation and significant dollars in legal fees and costs. Decisions about children are extremely personal, private and emotional, and not every couple is able to negotiate without emotions getting in the way.

Kids on Stairs " Many divorces and custody battles last months, even years, without a resolution. Attorney fees of $20,000.00 or more are not uncommon and continue to mount until
the parties are either financially and/or emotionally exhausted".

 You have Options                              Your kids  - - - Your choice

ADR means alternative or appropriate dispute resolution. ADR is an umbrella term used to describe a variety of methods for resolving disputes outside of traditional methods such as litigation. The term “dispute resolution" is also commonly used, as a way to indicate that all approaches to dispute resolution are potentially considered. ADR Logo
Whichever way the acronym is spelled out - alternative, appropriate, or simply dispute resolution - the concept of ADR is based on expanding the tools available for resolving disputes. ADR has an array of options, with the most fitting way to resolve disputes
Avoid the adversarial system

We Can Help

Southeastern Minnesota Family Support Center, Inc.   can assist you in successfully resolving your custody and parenting time disputes, no matter what stage of the family court process you are at. We provide parents with an effective and beneficial alternative to your unresolved parenting disputes.

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Consider These Points

  1. Are you having disputes regarding in custody and parenting time and would like to resolve them
  2. Having trouble communicating with your partner
  3. Want to avoid the adversarial court process
  4. Would like to minimize your cost and time in court
  5. Is  keeping  your personal family disputes, private and confidential important
  6. Do you feel one of our ADR processes could  benefit you and your children

If you answered yes to any of these questions, give us a call.



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